Din Tai Fung for March’s post-birthday dinner with her beau x Badminton for two consecutive Sundays – with my SP band mates and Baby’s buddies respectively x Non-caffeine me time with the magazines x Moet to round off a Sunday night with Amanda + the guys x Cooked Japanese curry katsu don with Estella, and play make up x Nights at The Chau’s with Baby J x P.S Cafe with Amanda bbgirl

The whole of March is such a busy month for me, I’ve hardly got any time for myself. In a good way. Really looking forward to the next weekend where I’ll be jetsetting, away from this crazy busy life just seeking relaxation.



4 thoughts on “San

  1. you look so gorgeous in that black top and nude skirt (from LB?)!!! Heehee MORE MORE MORE!

  2. ESTELLA, OMG are you a shopaholic or what how do you know! But my Mom said the burgundy one (I bought in the exact same design) got blown away when we did our laundry. SAD MAX.

  3. HAHA eh the last time we met, i told you i bought that skirt too! In nude, remember? awwww man. so sian! at least you still have this one!

  4. ESTELLA, I officially need some tonic to boost my memory. Bet it is worse than the goldfish you have at home! D: I loved the burgundy one too super sad! :'(

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