Well it is already past twelve but I will do this anyway just because I am in the mood to write. While tucking myself under your sheets and keeping myself warm in this rainy night at your place.

Last first monthsary of our entire long distance relationship, and I am so proud of us my sweetheart. All that we are working towards is right ahead of us. The fact that we are such an old couple, we no longer just call each other sweet names and whisper sweet nothings to each other. We’d step on each other’s foot, wrestle in bed, give each other silly names and do unglam acts on each other. Only because we are so comfortable with each other, and we just know that is probably what we love about us – nothing to hide. Just us being us.

I wish I could be a lot more than what I actually am. To learn how to cook up a proper Chinese meal to feed your hungry tummy after a long day from work. To give you a relaxing massage on your back while hearing you talk about your achievements and complains for the day. To put you in bed as you get tired from sharing. To make you a hearty breakfast to kick start your day right. And the cycle goes.

All these are all that I wish that I can be for you. For our future family. Only if my work gives me more time to learn these, I believe this would be the top priority.

On the contrary, you – as the man – cooks better, and have a much better home organization skills than I do. Which absolutely puts me to shame. But that is okay because I will work on that. The fact that how everyone actually agrees that you are such a keeper I feel absolutely undeserving of you. Humans are selfish in nature, and that explains why I am never gonna be letting you go anywhere away from me.

At least four more months till we meet again. Study hard baby, and I will see you really soon. I love you so much more than you’d know.

Happy 5 years and 11 months darling. ♡

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