Candles & Sparklers

Went back home after work, showered and took a cab out to meet my girlfriends to surprise the birthday girl for the first few hours of her day as a 23 year old. We had candles and they were supposed to form “Happy Birthday March” but the wind wasn’t very kind to us and blew off the candles quite a few times it became almost impossible to, and we ended up making a heart out of it instead. And because we weren’t allowed to put up any thing with fire at the Marina Barrage, the security actually chased us away and but we begged for 2 minutes of allowance time which we obviously exceeded. Chatting through the first few hours of the day with the breeze by the reservoir, and playing with fire sparklers illegally with CCTVs everywhere.

Sometimes it is not about being calculative about the amount of things that people will do for you. But it is really about the effort that the friends put in just in hope to bring a smile to one’s face only because you matter. And this alone is so precious and priceless.

Happy 23rd birthday, March. ♥

7 thoughts on “Candles & Sparklers

  1. woah, March is really really fair! Hahaha, I thought you were alr v fair leh, kellyn! Anw, using your area to say Happy birthday to March! (:

  2. EMILY, WHAT? I am nothing near fair. March is the definition of fair (or even white! :p) Hahaha.

  3. ESTELLA, AWWW, I will say Thank you on March’s behalf. AND HELLO, WE ARE MEETING NEXT MONDAY! :D x

  4. Thanks Estella and Emily! :D and Emily ur just as fair too pls. Lol! Kellyn and sook, thanks too! Meet up more often k! :D

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