In the Wilderness

A date with Emily in the wilderness in the rural corners of Singapore. Sunny, sweaty and smelly but it was so much fun. Standing under the scorching sun for hours even the sunblock that I’ve smacked on didn’t prevent an ugly tan line of my shorts across my thigh. Where a cup of coke & sprite is all that we wanted to have after all the workout done.

I’m on for more excursion trips, let’s go! x

7 thoughts on “In the Wilderness

  1. You are fast! hahaha, I’m still uploading my photos onto wordpress, gosh. Amazing photos there girl! Thanks for teaching me so much! I had lotsa fun and more to come pls! :D

  2. EMILY, I didn’t really post process these photos except to resize and adjust the brightness a little, hence the speed! Hahaha. Babe I believe we will probably have equally amazing photos! Remember, you took some of the pictures here babe? :) I didn’t teach you a lot so stop thanking me! I believe you already know as much as I do, so let’s improve together! One more date soon! ;) x

    FAIDHI, The last standing kampong in Singapore! x

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