Tuesday was spent with me rolling around in bed waiting for the boyfriend to pick me up from my place before heading out on an excursion together. It made me really upset when it started pouring because we were suppose to go somewhere out in the sun, and there would not be any plan B if it rained. Thank God the sun came out after an hour, but the gloomy skies stayed. Drove to somewhere the both of us isn’t familiar with, and it took us a few drives to find the place. Stopped by the road side, starting take pictures, looking at army boys marching pass us, took pictures before the weather turned for the worse. If only it was a bright and sunny day, we would have more . ☹ And we shared a set of Carls Junior for dinner – where we actually went together for our very first date years back. But all I really enjoyed was the fact was the boyfriend’s company in the car ride with music playing in the background, trying to figure out where we should be going, and the patience of the boyfriend who was determined to bring us there when I was actually the one who wanted this whole thing. Some times I just question, what have I done so well in my past life to deserve this man? ♥

On a side note, Jon and I just came back from a dinner with both of our folks and brothers together and it was an absolutely enjoyable dinner over a simple chinese cuisine. Not the first time that both our families gathered together, but it still makes me really happy and I constantly remind myself at how blessed I am to have two families to call my very own this way. I am extremely blessed, I don’t even know how to use words to describe my gratitude and happiness that explodes within me.

Life and work may take its toll on me, but I guess this is the energy that drives me on every single time. x

4 thoughts on “Excursion

  1. wah kellyn the pictures are looook superrrr faaantasstiiiccc .
    and you are so blessed ! SO HAPPY FOR YOU MAN (:

  2. PRISCA, Thank you Prisca you are too kind! I think the photos were a little boring though need to get more chances to shoot more and work on my creativity juices! :p And hehehe, thanks babe I think I am feeling so blessed too and I should always always count my blessings. :) x

  3. heheheh well done you! count your blessings! you are indeed very blessed ;) miss yoooo leh

  4. ESTELLA, Oh god I wanted to type your name as February for some reason hahaha. :P And thank you ET! I miss you too, but no worries because we will be meeting each other to “disfigure” ourselves with heap loads of funsoon heehee! x

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