We all know how comercialized Valentine’s Day actually is, and it was really just like any other day for Babs and I. No huge bouquet of flowers or bears for the other half; but the boy did get me a toy rose (which he calls the 百年玫瑰 – hundred year rose) then said that I wouldn’t be receiving any more flowers for the next hundred years. But I guess I would seriously be a lot happier to receive a bouquet of roses on any random day than on Valentine’s Day itself. I actually bought all the scrapbooking materials just one day before, because I was feeling diligent about making a handmade gift for Babs since I haven’t done so in quite a while.  He was so happy when he saw the gift I made for him, he kept staring at it for a long time before the both of us decided to hit the sack that night. ☺

For the past few days Babs has been nothing less than the sweetest thing. Well not that he isn’t on usual days, but I can see that he has been putting in so much effort into his work. The job that he actually chose over what he could have been doing because he believes that this is what that can give both of us a better future. How I actually ache a little – like an overprotective mother to his toddler who is trying to learn how to walk – every time I see him only in the morning and would only return late at night. And when I actually asked him about it, he said he enjoys what he is doing because Hardwork equates Success. And apparently, I am the reason that motivates him to his success. ☺

Thank you Babs, for making me feel that all we have in our future is nothing but bright. x

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