K U K U P 2012

My group of poly mates and I wanted to relive the fun that we had in Kukup two years ago, and arranged for a second trip there. Babs joined us this time round, and it was nothing short of fun! It was a pity that some of them couldn’t make it at the very last minute. Mahjong, in between, blackjack, fireworks, karaoke, feasting like kings and queens because neither do we have to prepare any of our meals nor clean them up. It’s probably the first time how I actually felt exhausted taking photos during our fireworks session because I had to fiddle around with the tripod I actually felt like I was panting. And how funny it was when we had to take our mobiles to find the correct way of writing chinese characters as we were scribbling our wishes on the kong ming deng, just because our chinese is terrible like this. I was so exhausted with all the fun and slept at 4am (probably first to hit the sack), while babs joined my friends and continued playing (having eight persons bunking into a room, coincidentally with 2 couple beds and 4 singles). I could literally hear all of them laughing as they all walked into the room when they finally figured that they were tired.

It really didn’t matter how run down and dirty this place may be because the company really made up for it. And this was really the weekend that I had been looking forward to. ♡

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  1. Chanced upon your blog and wished to enquire how to go about booking the chalet in kukup and getting the fireworks and stuff? Any contact to share? Thanks in advance.

    • BH, Hi, I am sorry I am unable to help because my friends were the one who arranged everything. But from what I know it is only available to get the fireworks during CNY period. Sorry I couldn’t be of any help! ☹

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