Favourite picture from Estella’s roll.

A day at the Dog Park x Pre-CNY Chinatown walkabout x Poolside picnic x LC-A+ excursion x Rider’s Cafe

I’ve been neglected my favourite film camera for quite a while, but started shooting with it quite a fair bit in recent weeks. Film photography is filled with surprises (disappointment comes occasionally too), but I do love how it is so different as compared to digital even if it means I am taking an identical shot. And this is the very first time I am actually using cross processed films as well, and I am actually loving the colours produced!

I do notice that I seem to be terribly bad at gauging distances which explains most of my blurry pictures. ☹ Definitely need to improve on my skills. I am actually dying to go for more photography trips, and let me know who wants to join me! Film and digital both welcomed! ♡ x

Check out Estella’s, my lovely Evil Twin, beautiful pictures that were taken during our LC-A+ excursion trip here.

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  1. Improve on what? HAHA you reach the maximum level already leh. Can be Shifu! Embarrassing please, my photos nowhere near your standard you still link me. But anyway, let’s go on more photog trips!!!! Can’t wait to spam the slides. TEEHEE. Why you dont wanna put the photos on FB so I can like it ah? :( #annoyed

  2. ESTELLA, Oh my god I have a million things to improve on (which I have already told you over MSN) and what maximum level nonsense are you talking about omg you silly! Your photos are really good considering it is your first roll. My first roll was way lousier really! Let’s go on our second film photography trip together soon! Will upload the pictures into an album in a jiffy (if I am not feeling lazy hehehehe)! x

  3. Very amazingggggggg! :D Agree with your friend, level shifu alr! HAHAHAHA. Looking at these pictures somehow makes me v happy!

  4. EMILY, I guess that is something that digital photography can never do! But you two are being too exaggerated most of my pictures are blurred. :( Are we going on a photography trip soon Emily?! :D x

  5. Nice roll! I love the really dark shots especially the one of the night market crowd. I think you’ve pretty much nailed it, but you should be more adventurous and random with your shots! Shoot everything and anything :)

    By the way, did you shoot on transparent film and did you cross-process the roll?

  6. RAELENE, Hey babe thanks for your compliments! And I think you are right, I should be more adventurous and I guess that’s what makes lomography so unique. I will try to do so! And is there such a thing as transparent film? If so, where do I get it/what is it called? There are three types of film I used in this set: one negative (very normal photos), ektachrome and velvia! Thanks for your encouragement Raelene! ♥

  7. The ‘lomo manifesto’ says to shoot from the hip, which is a little lame but often times it does work wonders and is always a treat to find after developing the roll. Velvia and Ektachrome are transparent or positive films! You should try to ‘cross-process’ those positive rolls, basically developing them in chemicals made for negative film (ie cross-processing!). The results are almost amazing. I find a lot of developing places these days don’t do it, but if you can find someone who can it’s worth the money! That’s what I do for almost all my LCA photos when I get back to KL since it’s cheaper. There’s a good write-up here:

    PS. you should keep the ektachrome for really special occasions. Kodak isn’t producing those rolls anymore, and they recently went bankrupt!

  8. RAELENE, I did cross process my ektachrome and velvia, but I didn’t know that Kodak went bust oh gosh! I managed to find a place in SIngapore that does it, and thankfully it is pretty near my place! :p I guess I may need to stock up on them if I do chance upon it! The next roll I’d really wanna try would be B&W film! I think it would be quite interesting when used with the LCA! :D Have you tried using expired films?

  9. Oh riiiiiiiight! Were the ones you shot at night ektachrome or velvia? The night ones with the coloursplash are awesome. Yeah, it’s a tragedy about Kodak. I’ve never shot with ektachrome before but have always wanted to. I usually scour the net for expired rolls, ebay is really really great for them. I’ve been shooting on Fuji Sensia 200, rolls that have expired about 4 years now I think. I don’t know if it’s a huge difference though if you shoot expired positive film and x-pro. Once shot on rolls from 2000, they came out very different to the ordinary neg roll. Not sure if this link will work but have a look: (noob shots, early LCA days!). And DO shoot BW on the LCA. It’s like a match made in heaven:

  10. RAELENE, To be honest, I can’t remember if I was using the velvia or ektachrome for the night shots, but I believe it’s the latter! You should scan through the net and see if you are able to get any ektachrome films, because from what I’ve heard, they are legendary! Your pictures are beautiful Raelene! I love the colour that you got with the expired AGFA! So soft and beautiful!

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