1. Virgin attempt at playing with the beautiful eyeshadows from the Naked Palette, which I was lucky enough to grab it the first day Sephora actually had it restocked just before the Chinese New Year. 2. Caught Wicked the Musical with the boyfriend and his brother on Chinese New Year’s Eve. 3. The boyfriend drove me back on a rainy Sunday night after a reunion dinner with his family, which saw us blasting Michael Learns to Rock on the radio and singing at the top of our voices. Or maybe it was just me. 4. Loaded my forth film into my LC-A+. 5. Nude, dusty pink and burgundy. 6. Painted my nails for the first time in three years. Kinda regretted spending my money on the nail polishes because I thought they turned out damn ugly. ☹

It’s weird how I am actually not feeling the vibes for the usually-anticipated lunar new year this time round. ☹ Perhaps it could be the lack of festive vibes around, or the absence of new clothes, or the lack of faces I am actually seeing. Or maybe it is just me. I couldn’t even find a good reason for me to take out my camera to start snapping. ☹

I hope day two would be a much better day.

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