Nothing more

Work has been exceptionally draining and exhausting with the insane crowd. So much so that I’ve only been almost having just one meal per day for a few weeks already. And this is exactly the reason why I always, always look forward to Saturday nights which marks the start of my weekend.

But this boy. He has just been exceptionally amazing it always lighten up mood. His subconscious little acts never fails to make me feel that the hardship is a little more bearable and easier to get by. I just wish it’d be this easy when he is away.

Thank you sweetheart. For putting a smile on my face with you being you. ♥

2 thoughts on “Nothing more

  1. JEANETTE, Omg please don’t say that. You are too kind with your words. My skin is not even half as good as I wish it can be. Photos can be deceiving I guess. :( x

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