One more reason to hold you closer

Garlic King Prawns

Impromptu supper with the boyfriend at Bukit Timah area, which was the very first time I actually been to this hidden bustling corner of Singapore in the wee hours of the night. Had frog leg porridge, and we ended up buying almost twice of what two persons could have all because the waitress managed to make us think that it’d be more worth it. We slept till late morning the following day, and we started cooking up a simple feast for our poolside picnic. And it was good. Even though we aren’t fantastic cooks, but I do have visions of us spending our weekends through our married life whipping up something new each time. ☺

Later that night, we had dinner at Tatsu Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant. It was the most fancy teppanyaki dinner we’ve ever had, but the chef made our dining experience a really enjoyable one. He was so amiable it makes it difficult not to smile and start having a conversation. We even got short entertainment and cooking stuns from this fella, who at the very same time catered to each of our gastronomic needs. I can’t wait for our next food adventure together. ☺

And this is one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while. ✘♥✘♥

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