Twenty Eleven

2011 has been quite a year for me:

✘ Spent the first few hours of year with the boyfriend at Central Park, New York building snowman ☃ together, and the first few days of my year in the states and it still lingers in my head how amazing my trip was.

✘ Bought the most amount of cameras – Canon 60D, Olympus E-P3 and my L-CA+. Not regretting any of my buys though! ☺

✘ Flew over to Melbourne in August to celebrate the boyfriend’s 22nd birthday – had the most mind-blowing (and expensive) meal of my life at Vue de Monde, tried Tandem skydiving together with the boy, and went on a road trip to Tasmania. Australia’s just Beautiful.

✘ The boyfriend and I applied for our very first house, and got it at our very first try. Step one of building our future together as an adult.  Can’t wait to build our very humble cosy little home together in about 3-4 years time. ♥

✘ Having a much stronger relationship with Jon than before. Every year just gets more tricky, but we still got through it anyway. ☺

There really isn’t much that I am asking for in 2012, other than hoping that it really isn’t the end of the world and to really save up to build our future together. Hopefully managing to have a bit of extra cash and time to pamper myself on another amazing trip somewhere in the world. Let’s hope something in my life would take off in the brand new year. ☺

Happy New Year everybody! May we have a blasting good year ahead. x

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