After work on Christmas Eve, the boyfriend drove over to my place to pick me up and we spent the first hour of Christmas doing some groceries shopping for our Christmas Potluck. It was raining and the night was just chilly, and somewhat blissful for some reason. Baby J who wasn’t sleeping when I went over came to join me up on the bed while the boyfriend was outside using the computer and accompanied me. This pup is really a sweetheart in every single way. ♥

Christmas gathering was held at Darren’s place, and it was nothing short of awesome. Simple company from the boys and Amanda, with endless laughter which even makes me chuckle as I think about it right now. From the random moment that Amanda broke the chair (epic moment for life) while eating, and all the boys just laughed for a good whole 10 minutes/wanting to take a picture instead of helping her up. Prepared our meals together and our dinner was an absolute feast. It was probably the best christmas dinner I’ve ever had, and the most heartwarming one too. Pictionary-turned-charade where Lance and I had to portray “birthday suit” and he started stripping while I just stared in awe. But it was hilarious. And skyping with Vincent who is currently in Perth.

Christmas, filled with good food and alcohol, good company and laughter.

Thinking back, this is probably the best Christmas I’ve ever had for the past 22 years of my life. x

4 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS ☃

  1. Holy shit! Your ep-3 takes really nice photos, hahahha! Is that a telephoto lens??

    • EMILY, Heehee thanks Babe! That means a lot to me. ☺ it isn’t a telephoto lens! Telephoto lenses are used to take subjects that are far away isn’t it? It’s just a pretty amazing prime lens. ☺ x

  2. Oops! Hahaha, noob me! Cause the lens seem to have wide angle, so I tot it was telephoto! Heeeee. Keep it up! I wanna see more of your photos!

    • EMILY, Actually I am not too sure if I am right either. Oh well we are all learning anyway! Heehee thank you Emily! I wished I had more chances to take nice pictures though!

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