Met up with Amanda for lunch at our favourite Yong Tau Fu place before roaming around town for her last minute christmas shopping. Turned out to be quite a wrong decision because the rain was so bad and it was just a massive human jam everywhere.

Pre-christmas dinner with the girlfriends and the boys at Santouka for dinner was good. Loads of catching up, laughing and what not. Settled at Starbucks thereafter for more catching up and gift exchange, and it was hilarious! Some got really nice presents, while others were small but wrapped up in so many layers (Linda) to give its receiver a big trouble opening up their presents (me). But I guess the funniest was when Eugene got March’s present and it turned out to be a set of pink towels. Boyfriend knowing what the girlfriend bought, and had no choice but to accept it. Traditional Christmas walkabout, then we headed over to Playnation to play Wii and Kinect till it was 3am in the morning! Too much dancing and moving in the wee hours of the morning my hands and shoulder ached so bad.

Too much fun in one night. Too much love to contain. Christmas is all about the gift of love and sharing.

I’ve got mine. x

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  1. Totally! Never enjoyed myself so much for so long! Extremely memorable xmas :)

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