☂ Take Shelter

Over the weekends, the boyfriend fell while playing football and sprained his wrist, so we had to change our plans from going on a date together to taking care of his hand and trying to seek medical advice. It was so swollen he could only do minimal movement. ☹  Stacey’s best friend arrived in Singapore and it has been quite a while since I last saw her. (My trip to Hong Kong, three years ago, was the last to be exact) But the weather wasn’t so nice because it was raining so heavily. ☂ Thank goodness I stole my boyfriend’s umbrella before I left the house. We had a simple Singaporean chicken rice dinner at Far East Plaza, and went to play Kinect. It was so much of a fun but exhausting that my unfit body woke up to an aching shoulder and arm.

The weekends is over. This weekend would be an exciting one I hope. Merry Christmas to everyone out there in advance! x

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