Shine like Gold

Putting Baby J to sleep. Look at him snuggling his head into my arms aww…

This has been pretty much how my life has been since the boyfriend’s return. Simple and blissful – I can say I am almost living the life. Work has been exceptionally draining and busy lately, but I’ve had good closures to every single day thus far. But coming home to see J’s adorable face and playful self, and putting him to sleep together with the boyfriend is just like we’re putting our real baby to sleep. And the warmth I fall asleep to every night – it’s priceless.

I am looking forward to this Sunday. In fact, every Sunday. x

[Pictures taken with Olympus E-P3, using the amazing lens that Faidhi has lent me which I am considering to get. Christmas is coming, is there anybody who is feeling nice/generous to get me this and this?]

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