Sixty Eighth

Favourite Yong Tau Fu for lunch, caught a chinese chick flick, and a savoury dinner at Tonkatsu.

It all isn’t so much about how fancy our dates are. It is really about how much we love spending time with each other, how much I love spending time with you. All the laughter we share even when we were walking on the streets. And the way you’d smile to me showing off to me about your achievements in a game, after sitting outside a shop playing on my iPod while I was shopping away. How you’d actually text me to see if I wanted a lift home, when I expected you to be just lying on my bed fast asleep.

Thank you for being the best boyfriend in so many ways, for being the most unjudgemental person I’ve ever met (and that itself always serves as a good reminder for myself to be a better person, and still trying to), for being the most patient and tolerant man. And for being the sweetest living thing that ever existed.

Happy 68th sweetheart, you always amaze me with the love we share. x

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