Never in Solitude

I’ve been spending plenty of time with the boyfriend since he returned but it wasn’t any sort of fancy/exciting dates, which is good in a way because 1) it is inexpensive 2) we just enjoy each other’s presence. And it is actually good. We actually laugh a lot together, every day. Laughing together, and laughing at each other. When I actually had a rough time, I sought solace in him – he wiped my tears, understood my angst/pain, and brought a smile to my face. To think of it, it might actually be the first time that we actually just laid in bed before the night ended and doing something like that. I know I can always fall back on him no matter what happens. He always, always have a way to make bad events a lot easier to swallow. ♥

That aside, I am still looking forward to some exciting dates! On a side note, we’d be getting our house a year earlier than expected, and that would mean we’d have a lot of planning to do. Plans that are made by real adults.

8 thoughts on “Never in Solitude

  1. How can these plans be boring?! They signify a whole new transition in life for you :3

    • ESTELLA, Hahaha I didn’t mean that the plans were boring. But the process of achieving them might probably just mean that I need to have a boring life in order to save that amount of money! Need. Discipline!

  2. Stop GAS-ing (Gear Acquirement Syndrome) and give some of your lenses to me. That way you save money and actually he;p someone out at the same time!

    • FAIDHI, How would I save money by giving you the lenses instead of selling them to you?! I SHOULD REALLY STOP. D:

    • JIA SHENG, Hahaha thanks. But to be honest my adult plans really just refers to me saving money so we can renovate our place. :( That really just means boring life coming up. :(

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