Bliss from Simplicity

Customised golf club & ball markers my boyfriend got for his Dad’s birthday. A year ago. *Awww* 

Definitely my favourite vegetable dish from Dian Xiao Er

Dinner feast at  The Chau’s

My favourite boys

Groceries shopping with the boyfriend

Gordon Ramsay inspired breakfast – Pan-fried portobello mushrooms and tomatoes, scrambled eggs with potato onion bread

My little batman

Tuesday movie dates

Lunch with The Chaus at Dian Xiao Er x Slept the entire afternoon away with the boyfriend and woke up for home cooked dinner x Drinks at Three Crowns, followed by supper with together with Amanda and Darren, which we obviously over ordered thanks to Darren. x Woke up early in the morning to whip up a Gordon Ramsay inspired breakfast with the boyfriend x Tuesday movie date x Cheap-but-good eats at Maxwell market.

Instead of having what I actually hoped – fancy dining, some fun and exciting activities – for during my four days off from work, it was actually an absolutely lazy one. Completely makeup-less, running errands, having cheap eats and doing something new together. It was actually such a rejuvenating break that I actually woke up an hour earlier than I usually did on the first day back at work.

P.S: All photos were unedited (except for resizing the images) and comes straight from the camera. ;)

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