Island creamery after work with Liting and Tiac Woo at Holland Village.

Curious little J.

The face and warmth I’ve been waking up to.

Goodbye korkor.


Round three of building our home.



Cherry seeds and stalks.

Of the most random and senseless way of showing how my week went.

I’m gonna have the next four days off from work, and I see myself going trigger happy on my cameras. With the company of my favourite people.


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  1. kellyn! How did u make pictures like the first one? AMAAZINGGGG! Love ypur peektures! :D

    • EMILY, It is nothing really fantastic babe! Just use the shutter speed mode and tweak around with its settings! Alternatively if you are lazy like me, you can try the fireworks mode on your camera! :) Take photos of the light source and move your camera to get this effect! Hope that helps! :D meet me soon yes? x

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