Good things don’t always come in a gift b♥x

It is legal to laze your Sundays away, just like how I refused to get myself out of bed and chose to roll all over the entire morning. Met up with my baby girl for dinner despite initial plans of meeting up with boys has been called off. Settled down at Jones the Grocer at Mandarin Gallery for dinner was a great idea – I had the best mushroom risotto I’ve ever tasted. The mushrooms and the risotto itself was really flavourful despite looking real simple. Catching up in each other’s lives that we’ve been missing out on in a quiet setting by the corner was just peaceful and slow. It was like a short runaway from the crazy hectic everyday life, and I really enjoyed that.

I am probably extremely repetitive because I am not a person that is extremely good with words. But this is the kind of day that makes me there is something worth looking forward to in the boring week. With someone that makes me feels loved. x

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