Française x Bistro Du Vin

Pan-seared foie gras with pineapple, apricot, muscat raisin and ginger 

Chunky leek and potato soup with burgundian escargots

Roasted spring chicken, sauteed mushroom, bacon and garlic

Baked Norwegian salmon, parsnip cream, horseradish and roasted almonds

Madeleine with chocolate mousse

Crème brûlée

Met up with March on a Sunday afternoon for a one-on-one date together. Settled for lunch  at Bistro du vin and it was good. I enjoyed my meal and service of the friendly staff. A very casual and simple environment, and nothing too fancy on a simple sunday afternoon. It was very nice of them to let us in to have our lunch when the last orders were closed. March had the soup, and I tried escargots for the very first time. It didn’t taste weird, but I can’t get over the thought about me having snails in my mouth. ☹ I am usually a fish over chicken person, but for the first time I loved the chicken over the fish. It was so savory and it had my favourite mushrooms for the sides! The salmon was good too, but I just loved the chicken better. Very savory. ☺

Caught up over lunch about the things that we have been missing out on each other’s life. It’s true that once we all grow older, we have more things on hand before we could even find the time to meet up with close people. Unlike those days when we would meet up every weekend to head out and play. Those were the carefree days, but… I think it feels even nicer to know that we are growing up to be independent adults handling the tough things that are coming into our lives.

And that made me realised that, a lot of people whom I haven’t been meeting up regularly with are still so dear to me. The people that grew up together with me. ♥

8 thoughts on “Française x Bistro Du Vin

  1. HI JON! I stopped your gf from buying a $999 camera. Where’s my reward? HAHAHA

  2. kellyn , you always manage find all these secret hideouts ! love reading your food escapades , and the pictures are soooooooo good (they actually make me drool at this hour when i’m so full from my mcnuggets supper hahahaha) ! daaaammn . please share more often , quite shiok to read about your reviews !!!! :D

    • PRISCA, I only got to know about these secret places mostly from my lovely friend Amanda. :) She’s the real food guru truth to be told! Heh, thank you for your compliments. (And you just made me hungry already)! I am glad to know you actually feel like this reading my abandoned blog! :p x

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