“What makes a relationship perfect is if you still want to be there when things get hard”

Nobody ever makes me feel this comfortable existing the way I am; even if I didn’t have any make up on, with me putting on my ugliest temper, or even doing the most disgusting thing. It just feels… right. And only because it is you, I get to see this side of me.

Thank you for making long distance relationship so much easier despite the rough times we had while being physically away. Thank you for studying hard because you want to secure a good future for the both of us. Thank you for being practical > romantic in times of need – afterall, you are looking at the bigger picture of our future in years to come. Thank you for the multiple trips that made us explore so much about the world together. Thank you for holding on to us so fervently even though I feel that things might not work between us (how silly was I to even think of that)?

Thank you for being the stronger of us two, for keeping us together till this date.

If there’s something that defines me, it’ll be nothing but you, us, and our love.

Happy 67th month, babylove.

We’ve came such a long way together.


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