Every time she closes her eyes, it’s Paradise.


Xing Ying stayed over at The Chau’s on Sunday night because she wanted to visit her Grands + attempt to make friends with J, which she did! J was being so protective (and loud with his barks) when she first entered the house, but after a while of trying to mingle together he was being his usual self as a sweetheart. To me at least. He was such a little baby. ♥ Later that night, Jerwin, Xing Ying and I went down to walk J followed by playing together with him at the car park before heading back home. I think Xing Ying and I exhausted too much energy that night playing we got so hungry in the night we raided the kitchen to fill our growling tummies, and got caught by Jon’s mom! :p

Got woken up by J the pup the next morning, with him squeezing between Xing Ying and I on the bed asking for a morning tummy rub from me. How sweet can he be? I don’t think I might be able to love another dog as much as I love J, really. Everything behind the dark coat of fur is cuteness and sweetness overload. I think it says a lot when I actually get myself down to cleaning his pee with my bare hands when I used to find it… disgusting. Don’t think I can love him any less.

On a side note, I am looking forward to November very much. The boyfriend’s returning. ♥

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