Counting Blessings ☺

Left to right #1 Stacey came to have a stayover session. Troubled my Dad to buy Lao Ban Tau Huay for the sweetheart to try and she loved it. #2 Talking till the wee hours of the night. ♥ #3 Stacey’s very cute hello kitty handphone cover. #4 Estella the angel brought me some home cooked mashed potato and bubble tea (just because I ranted about my cravings for it on twitter) for me at work when Anthony came to make his glasses. She is such a sweetheart. ♥ #5 & #6 Took out my flute to play on a Sunday afternoon and started with playing The Phantom of the Opera. #7 Rare sight of a clear sky while I was crossing the road over to the boyfriend’s place. #8 The playful boy who wants to play. Look at his adorable ears. *awwww* #9 Babyboy falling asleep by the bed side while Xing Ying and I were lazing on the boyfriend’s bed. #10 & #11 Stayover session with Xing Ying at The Chau’s can get quite fun! We raided the fridge in the middle of the night because we were hungry. #12 Simple bliss is spending a lazy and peaceful time together with the monster pup. #13 Monday afternoon by the pool. #14 & #15 Splashing loving!

Never knew that mobile photography can capture so many beautiful recollections of things I didn’t even remember that happened through the week. ✕

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