Postcards, from wherever you are.

The past month hasn’t been the best time of our relationship with the boyfriend. Broken hearts and tears were involved, but I guess… love is still what wins at the end. During the past month, I still received post cards from the boy wherever he was just like what he’d usually do. Just that this time he still did the same any way even when we were in the midst of all the unhappiness. I may not be bursting in smiles but something inside me melted when I saw them.

Truth to be told, I have been so oblivious to about all the blessings that exist around me. So blind it could just be my downfall. And it is because of all that has happened, I know that the friends whom I kept close to me are really the people who are definitely worthy of growing old with me. Thank you for being there, Amanda and Stacey. Thank you for keeping your faith in the both Jon and I going while I was at my all time low. Thank you for believing in us, and thank you for being the middle person to help bridge our differences in whatever ways you did. Directly or not. I really cannot be any more thankful than to have you two in my life. ♥

Now it is time for me to open up my eyes wider, and look out for the blessings that are coming my way rather than to think of what I want. Because they may just come in other forms I have never thought of.

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