Restaurant Week ✗ Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant

Sushi Chef Andy Loo working his magic 

Appetizer, clockwise from top – Japanese autumn vegetables, home-made sesame style tofu, pregnant fish marinate in vinegar

Seasonal yam ball and marlin

Andy making the sauce for the sushi

California Reverse Roll

Left to right – Seared salmon, seared amberjack, and seared scallop with foie gras

Clockwise from Top – San Remo, Lemon Tart, Blackcurrent and salted caramel macaroons

Inside of San Remo

Estella and I made an appointment at Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant for the restaurant week, and I was so glad that I made the right choice of heading over for a meal (along with Amanda’s recommendation). The food was absolutely fresh, and mind blowing I wished I had more. Sushi chef Andy Loo happened to be working his magic on the wide array of fresh seafood spread in front of us, and I was absolutely impressed with the way he sliced them meticulously. And the way the foie gras was sizzling when it was being heated up left me salivating from afar. I have never seen anyone put so much effort into making sushis ever before. Estella and I was snapping away on our cameras because he looked absolutely professional and stunning while preparing our food. I swear I couldn’t take my eyes off the way he was working. I am definitely making my way back to this restaurant when the boyfriend is back. Absolutely amazing food. Haven’t ate in such happiness in a while.☺

Walked over to Tanglin mall for Brunetti. Heard about this cafe from Jon when I first went to Melbourne in 2009. Stuffed ourselves silly with cakes, tarts and macaroons to try out as much variety as we could. But I was a little disappointed with the lemon tart – it was too dense and the lemon wasn’t refreshing and flavourful. The San Remo however was surprisingly good, with a surprise on the inside halfway through savouring over its taste.

Bliss is when you’ve got a good company from a girlfriend to enjoy the best food together along with laughter that leaves you having a headache. Haven’t had such a good day in a long while. x

9 thoughts on “Restaurant Week ✗ Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant

  1. …I chose the place for you hello. -_-

    Try Tatsu when restaurant week’s over. Good sushi places will always have itamaes making sushis in front of their customers.

    • AMANDA, By making a right choice to head over referred to deciding between Bistro du vin and this because we actually made two lunch appointments! (Okay la credit you liao) But yes you are my most trusty food source/advisor. Bring me to more places. You know what you do best!


  2. Hey! Finally decided to pay your blog a visit (I’m suupatrout from instagram) and I just wanted to say I love it. Really love your photos, especially your LC-A+ ones as I’m a fellow LC-A+ user. Definitely inspires me to shoot more :) Will be back!

    • RAELENE Hey babe! It’s nice to see you here! :D Thank you for the compliments! :) Thought my LC-A+ photos weren’t fantastic though! I have only developed 2 rolls of it and I am far from good with that camera. :( Do share some tips with me though! :D Hope to see you around soon babe! x

  3. Meow! Hahahaha thanks amanda for the recommendation! Really fab. :) I AM DYING FOR ANOTHER PIECE OF THAT FOIE GRAS SUSHI. D: D: D:

    Thanks for the fun and fatty day out ET! really love pigging out tgt w you. Haha. And I’m so glad you totally understand, and are ever-so-patient w me when I can’t get a good shot for the desserts. Looking at all the food is making my stomach growl.

    Hope we’ll have more to come soon yeah! ;)

    • ESTELLA, I am so happy that the experience at Tatsuya was good to you as a non-sushi lover! :D I am craving for that piece of foie gras too! D’: We really had a good time together and need to do it together soon! Perhaps after your exams? :D x

  4. Heeheeeheee yah I’m surprised that it was so good too! My exam’s tmr! Let’s think of other places we can try/other things we can take photos of! :)

    • ESTELLA, Sure any time babe! :D What would you like to take pictures of? More food? Heehee. *slurps!*

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