✗ Canceling out differences

With Raymond

The moment our skype video call started, the boyfriend held his laptop on his arms and brought it around the entire house to show me what his new apartment was like, with Raymond helping him to open the doors to show me around. Like I’m a real visitor that was present. Their new apartment was beautiful, with a really beautiful city view right outside their window. I really wished, with every cell in my living soul, that I was there leading the life with them.

The almost 2 hour long webcam session marked the closure of a terribly long… I don’t know how to describe it, but people who knows know. But I guess it is beautiful; the past 2 (almost 3) weeks was a torture and a test, and the end of that is sweet. Being strong alone is like a body without a soul, and I wouldn’t mind being weak for someone who is always willing to be there. I just need to open my eyes, be a little more far-sighted and more aware of all the beautiful things that exist around me.

New week, new start. Things can only get better, and this is just the beginning. ☺

Side note 1) I hate daylight savings. Now it’s a +3 hours difference. :/
Side note 2) With my rather crazy instagram obsession, iPhone5 will be mine.

6 thoughts on “✗ Canceling out differences

  1. YAY YAY YAY. bestpostever.com! :D Glad that… y’know. ;) AND YOU LOOK PREEDS IN THE SMALL WINDOW. Hahahaha just sayin’!

    • ESTELLA, Awww thank you Evil Twin! But I think I look good because the window is small. Put it on full screen I am sure you will click on the exit button right this moment! :p Can’t wait to see you on Monday ET! x

  2. WAHAHAHAHAHA gotcha.net! Love you lah sorry I’m so lame and childish and enjoy playing pranks on you.

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