Heart Throb ♥♡♥♡

My very first attempt at making/taking a video with my 60D, and I was experimenting with the focusing and all so please pardon me for the occasional blurred out moments. I know I may seem a little crazy, but J is really one thing in my world that I can’t stop taking pictures of. He’s such a sweetheart in every possible way behind his dark black coat of fur which depicts him as fierce (along with the fact that he’s a German Shepherd). But if everyone, or anyone, who is just willing to take some time and get to know this little fella, you’ll really understand why I am this in love with him: The fact that he never fails to whine for a good whole five minutes every time I visit, followed by him bringing a toy to me shortly after; snuggling his head into my arms while I sayang and stroke his soft and smooth black coat; the occasional times when he’d climb up on the bed and stand beside me while I am sleeping in the morning; the times when he’d sit beside me and we’ll share our bowl of fruits together. Such a sweetie.

Just the mere thought of this adorable little giant puppy is good enough to leave a wide smile on my face. ☺

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  1. Nice effort. Isn’t there a function called continious focus or something?Or tracking focus. Lens turn clockwise means u focus nearer…anti clockwise means further to infinity i believe. A popular style for today’s vids is high contrast and vibrance. :)

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