Lazy Weekend, Lazy Me


Home-made Dumplings

Breakfast for our precious

Eyes that sparkle

Weekends start only on Sundays for me, so Mondays are your sundays equivalent. Waking up to J’s baby eyes and adorable character of a kid can really be such a blessing. With him coming beside you whining like a baby, then snuggling his head into your arms, followed by him bringing a toy over and asking you to play with him. His innocent is so priceless, and it’s something that no one will probably ever understand with his ferocious looking black coat through the pictures. Home-made dumplings by auntie for breakfast, then it was beauty Monday for me going for IPL and facial sessions.

And while I had some time to spare (since I was early for my appointments) and a camera in my hand, I took on the routes that I never usually take and started snapping away through the alleys. And that’s also when I discovered this cute looking cafe called Talent Cafe by the corner of the beauty salon I frequent.

When you’ve started working, you’ll start to realize the beauty of having lazy days and quality me-time. I am quite glad I had almost the entire weekend to myself. 

2 thoughts on “Lazy Weekend, Lazy Me

  1. Good to walk off the unbeaten paths.In time you will discover more and learn the nature of people and their behaviours and actions. Gotta admit…the doog is pretty photogenic.Its as though he is always smiling.Or maybe I’m nuts.

    You made me crave for Koi.Damnu.

    • FAIDHI, I don’t know what or where to take pictures in Singapore actually. :/ J is definitely photogenic. He’s just a handsome little sunshine I can never get enough of. :) What a sweetheart. x

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