Sweet Morning ☀


Sweet Morning

Inside of Sweet Morning


It has been forever since I last woke up at 7am early in the morning. Had a breakfast date with Esther & Yuli at 9am (which probably explains our sleepy faces) and it was about a year ago since the three of us had a meet up altogether, and it was really good. Wild Honey, despite visiting this amazing breakfast place after a gazillion times, still serves food that my palate takes a liking to. ☺ Couldn’t decide on what to have and I settled for something which I’ve already tried before. Esther’s Sweet Morning was quite a surprise to me. Never knew that this simple looking french toast actually had mango fillings in it! Probably gonna try that out when I visit Wild Honey again. A pity I didn’t bother checking my camera because the battery died short after. ☹

Still the same ol’ girls that I know. So much updates to hear from each other, and it was great knowing that life is only getting better (and greater) for everyone around me.

On a side note, it really makes me happier when I have something amazing food. I really need to have a kitchen of my own and start learning cooking proper. Probably the top priority on my to-learn list. ☹

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