The week, in summary.

Monday The new toy at The Chau’s – Nespresso. Jon’s dad was damn excited to show me how this machine works and he made two cup of coffee for us. At 11pm in the night. The next morning, I made a cup of Rosabaya de Colombia espresso for myself.

Tuesday I stayed over at the boyfriend’s place on Monday night, and had plans to hit the gym the next morning. But plans changed and I postponed it to the day after because I wanted to learn how to cook amazing pisang goreng! Apparently this is exactly the kind of banana fritters I have tried to search high and low for, and would easily be sold at $2/piece. Not kidding at all. Soft and sweet on the inside, hot and crispy on the outside. Need to do this more and learn this from step a to z. Must master this.

Wednesday Woke up early and hit the gym to work out for the first time in a really long time.

Saturday Cup corn for snacks at work.

Sunday Stayed over at the boyfriend’s place again on Saturday night, so make that three days in this week. We woke up and brought J to the dog park for some fun time. Running around the park with this little pup was good enough to exhaust me. And I really can’t get take enough pictures of this cute little fella who never fails to smitten my heart even when he is really mischievous. Being so curious in the car as always, standing and shifting around (partly because he is getting bigger and it gets really uncomfortable for him to lay still), then deciding to rest his head on my lap to take a nap. When we got back home, Jerwin told him that he was going to bring him for a shower, and he just went to lay on the floor in toilet waiting for his brother to clean him up. He was so tired from the day of fun he was falling asleep while showering, and resting his head on Jerwin’s arms. Awwww, what a cutie. ☺

Sunday Met up with Amanda and Darren for dinner and movie on a late sunday night. Quick catching up session at Astons and rushed to the cinema to catch Crazy, Stupid, Love which was hilarious. Chick flicks always make me tear somehow, for what reason I am not too sure myself either. Supper at Rochor Tau Huay thereafter. But after trying out the Old Airport Road’s, this pales in comparison.

I’ve concluded that really need to have a camera with me 24/7 because I literally just shoot the most random stuff and find joy in it. With that, I am starting to really want an iPhone. :/

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