Barrage heat

My favourite DOPT girlies and took the effort to arrange for a common day off from work for picnic at Marina Barrage. It was really awesome because we all really made the effort to make it as fun as we could – from taking the time to meet, to getting the food ready. It was quite a feast, and the sun was bright and sunny until it started raining halfway through. ☹ We settled indoors and started catching up for a while before getting under the sun to fly the kite we bought. But sadly the first jellyfish kite fell into the sea, so we bought the second lion kite which was rather temperamental because it kept flying up and down really unexpectedly. It was my virgin kite-flying experience and it was so much fun.

Can’t believe we spent the entire day at Marina Barrage when I was expecting us to leave in the late afternoon and saw ourselves roaming around the shopping malls enjoying the air con. We all left the place feeling sticky all over, but with so much laughter and smiles. I’m so glad we still have the vibes of leading the life of a student despite having all of us entering the working world after a year or two. ✘☀✘☀

4 thoughts on “Barrage heat

  1. OMG ET! I love your leather shorts! Where did you get them from? I still haven’t found a pair for myself yet :(

    • Thank you ET! I have been trying to find a pair for a long time too! Got it from H&M at only SGD39.90! You gotta go check H&M out. I’ve found some lovely items for myself! :D xx

  2. Thanks for sharing dear! Heh I haven’t had time to drop by H&M yet but I managed to get a pair of leather shorts at New Look yesterday! :D

    • The queue at H&M can really get quite crazy and I only entered because there wasn’t any queue! :p I was quite lucky to found stuff with my size too. :) Take pictures of you in your new leather shorts! Can’t wait to see it! :D

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