Swimming in the clouds ☁

Jon and I took on an hour drive away from Melbourne a day after his birthday for our virgin skydiving experience together. Just the day before, I was rather scared (you know, the fear of leaping away from the plane into the air and having nothing to support on). Initially the weather was rather bad and there was an hour delay because it started raining. We squeezed into a very small private plane and my legs were suffering from craps while we were making our way up. And with the space constrain, our cameraman was also our dashing instructors.

But gosh, everything happened so quickly all and all I knew was that I was already out in the clouds with strong winds brushing against my face. If you can see, the fats residing on my face was so happy it started flapping and started saying hello to the world. When we started to see the picturesque view from above, I saw a rainbow over a little lake. It was such a beautiful sight. The boyfriend was trying to convince me not to skydive initially, but I am quite sure he enjoyed his experience as much as I do.

I would die to have my camera up there with me to capture/video down everything in the exact way I saw it with my eyes. So jealous that somehow Jon’s pictures turned out nicer than mine. ☹

BUT HELLYEAH, WE SKYDIVED! ✈ And I am definitely gonna do this again. ☺

4 thoughts on “Swimming in the clouds ☁

  1. omg kellyn! looks scaryyyyyyyy! :OOOOO i dont think i’ve the courage to do smth like this!! hhaha doesnt it feel like going down a roller coaster but it never stopssss?? hahaahah does it feel like your heart is going to fall out?? haahha!

    • Apparently not! It all just happens so quickly! I’d really think that sitting on a roller coaster is scarier! Skydiving is really fun and you should really try doing it! ☺

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