Pursuit of Happiness

Met up with my favourite boys (maybe I should call them guys right now) from poly tonight and caught up over dinner. Talked a lot, thought a lot. Then suddenly Jia Sheng said some along the line of me spending a lot (probably referring to my 60D, but I’m not too sure) and traveling a lot – in a rather positive way that is. And I just said “I’m easily the poorest Optometrist around, I’m sure!”

“But that beats having a lot of money and doing nothing with it. At least you’re doing what you like.”

Hell yeah, I am easily the poorest Optometrist around because, gosh, I spend so much of my money traveling and buying investing on my camera. But I just keep telling myself “do it while you’re young, while you’ve no commitments”. While that might be wrong to a certain extent, and I’m not too sure how long I should have this mentality with me,I feel rich. Rich in experiences and seeing the world, rich in self-fulfillment/contentment. (Haha, but poor in wealth.) Since I started my yearly travel habit with Jon from the age of 17, every single trip I went on was paid fully on my own through my part-time job (back then) and funded solely without my parents. Every time I go on a trip, I drain my bank account even till now. But when I look back at what I’ve seen, experienced and the fun I had, I was nothing less than satisfied. At least while I was having fun, I did not burden any one.

I’d definitely spend my money on traveling over designer items; I’d rather be telling my kids about how beautiful and amazing this world be, rather than to flaunt designer items to them which they probably don’t even understand as kids. Don’t get me wrong, I’d definitely splurge on them if I have the extra cash. But sadly, I just don’t.

Early twenties is the prime time of life. If not now, then when? I don’t want to be looking back in life and wished that I’ve done more when I was younger. At least till this point of time, I’ve enjoyed myself traveling, taking pictures and improving on it, searching for good food. I’ve found what I really enjoy in life.

Friendships. When you were younger, it feels to have a lot of friends like you’re popular. But as you get older, it’s the people that wants to stay beside you that counts. It’s just like how you’d get happy having hundreds of Friendster/Facebook friends back then, but now I’d start deleting people whom I am not in contact with at all in any way. I have a lot of friends, but only a handful I can count within my fingers that I really regard as important, and will keep them by my side till my hair turns white. Friends who constantly make an effort to meet you, friends who occasionally drop me a message to see how I am and initiating to update me on their life even though we’ve been busy with our own, friends who genuinely care even they haven’t met you in a while. Friends whom you know yours kids will be getting to meet, and probably playing with their kids too. Friends are the family you choose, and they are it.

Relationships. I’ve heard about/seen people coming together, got cheated, leaving, and hurt. People who keep telling me that they will be forever alone, but I really believe that they won’t because the right one just haven’t appeared. But every time, I always remind myself about how lucky and fortunate I am to have Jon with me through the past five years, and till now we still fight for us because we want to have each other by our side. We can be a very independent individual – which probably makes long distance relationship a lot more manageable despite occasional tough times – but at the same time very reliant on each other. Really can’t be more thankful to God for putting this really amazing man in my life. I must have done something very right in my past life.

If I were to be honest, I really wouldn’t mind quitting my job and learn to be a good housewife. I just want to make sure I know how to take good care of my family, which I am quite sure I am far from at this very point of time. I wouldn’t mind being a farmer. Not a very ambitious lady here I know, but perhaps that’s just me being myself.

Not quite sure if I can say that I love my job, but I haven’t got any major problems with it thus far, so no complains. Other than the fact that it tires me out quite a lot, I actually love what I am doing on my free days. I promise to try and lead a healthier and more fruitful lifestyle, and to change to be a better person as much as I can.

I don’t need a luxurious or an exciting life. I just want a simple and happy one. “It’s the simple life that’s hard to achieve.” Stacey’s definitely right.

People may disagree with whatever I’ve said, but that’s just how I think. Maybe one day when I read back whatever I’ve said here, I’d laugh at myself and eat back my words. But maybe, it’s just exactly what I want.

Probably the most random and lengthy entry I had in a while. Hitting the sack with loads of thoughts and reflections going on in my mind, then it’s time to wake up and start working hard when tomorrow starts. Goodnight.

6 thoughts on “Pursuit of Happiness

  1. I agree with what you’ve said and like this thoughtful post very much!


    p/s: you should try playing farmville. ;)
    (ok i’m kidding)

    (or am I?) :D

    • Haha, thank you Estella. ☺ I told Jon that I wanna be a farmer that rear dogs! Heehee. I know you’re kidding about farmville. Very sure you are. :p

  2. Looks like we’re in the same page regarding this.

    Why fret right?
    Travel.Experience.And capture those moments forever.

    Exactly what I’m doing now!

    • No wait, we’re similar yet very different. I pay to travel, but you’re paid to travel. :/ same same different.

  3. Yeah you’re right.

    You get to stay longer and travel more whereas Im dead tired and live on time restrictions.Haha!

    And oh yah…you have a blog.I don’t. :)

    • Hahaha, while you cover more places I’d probably cover less but more in depth. Well I guess I’d never want to be an air stewardess despite the fact I love traveling. I just… Don’t want to associate work with interest. ☹

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