Truffle & Macaroons

Truffle Fries

Bay Prawn Pasta

Mushroom Risotto

On Monday, Estella and I met up for a good catching up session (as well as a mini birthday celebration for her) with each other. We had dinner at House @ Barracks because I saw that it was in her list of to-eat-places, and as usual I loved the truffle fries the best. The mains were extremely filling we only ate about half, or maybe lesser, than what we were given. Went over to Antoinette thereafter, with a bloated stomach, to try out their macaroons because they looked so beautiful! I tried some unique flavours – such as passion fruit, and orange yogurt – but felt that I’ve had better macaroons in Melbourne. Tried out their green tea, and I loved Estella’s better than mine! Anyway it was such a great time catching up with this girl, talking from food blogs to horror stories which scared the hell out of me and made me wished that we never talked about it. But it was fun.

Really fun for a simple night like this. ☺

2 thoughts on “Truffle & Macaroons

  1. Hahahahaha I need to tell you more stories. Remind me next time k! :p Let’s try out more food haunts next time! I LOVE TRUFFLE FRIES NOW. Omg, I’m a convert!

    • I’m so sorry Evil Twin, I missed your comment until I chanced about it now! We need to go food feasting again real soon. Plan a list of places you’d want to visit! :D xx

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