Sun ☀ Day

I had a strong urge for cycling, so I gathered some of my lovely friends for a day out to work our fitness out (in a fun way) together! East coast park was crowded with people on that sunday afternoon – not forgetting that there was a dog event where so many cute little dogs appeared. Cycled for two hours, got ourselves paddle pop ice-cream to chill our taste buds, getting fruit juices on our way back, and having Wen Shao to dirty his hands twice because the chain of my bike came out and he fixed it for me. (Thanks dude for that!)

Cabbed over to the airport to have dinner at Popeyes // Trained to town because I wanted to grab some stuff // Starbucks for some good chatting session with each other till late.

Thank you, my spontaneous group of friends who agreed instantly when I wanted to cycle so bad. We certainly do need to have more get-in-the-sun sessions together. Haven’t been sweating it out, but it really makes me feel good. ☺

4 thoughts on “Sun ☀ Day

  1. Woahh, the pictures turn out so nice, especially the dogs one! Let’s do more outdoor activities!

    • Haha, thank you Emily! I think that’s party because I post-processed the pictures a little. How about ice-skating soon?! xx

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