The last of Melbourne

Sleepy faces 

Corn fritters

The last full day I had in Melbourne was spent on going on a food hunt with Raymond and the boyfriend. With loads of excessive walking. Woke up a lot later than planned, and we took a tram to Canterberry Road for some good breakfast at Mart 130. Apparently we stopped at a tram stop which was much further and walked for a good whole 10-20 minutes before reaching the destination. Doesn’t really help when we were already starving and we had to wait for about 15 minutes before we could get a seat. ☹ But thank goodness the weather was almost perfect that day. I could just walk around the streets with just a cardigan on, unlike all other days of the trip where I had to pile layers of clothes over me. But everything was worth the wait; and the guys would strongly recommended for any diners to try out the salad (and I can’t remember the name of the dish) which had pomegranate dressing, pumkins and beetroot. A very amazing combination with a cosy ambience.

After our meal, we took a train and went off to Pho Chu The for some vietnamese rice noodles that was said to be the best in Melbourne. Right after our meal, yes you got that right. Oh we’re such gluttons. ☹ But to make ourselves feel better, we got lost and took a very long walk again before reaching our destination and only ordered a bowl for the three of us to share.

Later in the night, we took on a half an hour train ride to Clayton to have korean cuisine. (Told ya I wasn’t joking when my trip to Melbourne was almost entirely for food!) During our waiting time/train ride, all of us (including Chan) can’t stop playing Monopoly Deal. This has gotta be the best game ever invented to keep all of us so occupied. Then we played Monopoly deal again when we got back home till about 4am in the morning.

Melbourne may not have the most exciting lifestyle one can have, but the company I had through the past 9 days was really awesome. Day two since I’m back home, but I am already missing all the fun, freedom and food that’s a thousand miles away.

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    • Thank you Vanessa for your kind words. ☺ I thought that the last two pictures were the best ones in my opinion. ☺ xx

    • Aww thank you Faidhi. One of your nicest words in awhile heehee. Means a lot, but I probably think it’s just lucky of me to get good pictures too. Certainly need more guidance from you still. x

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