{ H O B A R T ◆ T A S M A N I A } III

Salamanca market ☻ Tahune Airwalk

Potato in a jacket

Danish mini pancakes with blueberries and vanilla ice-cream

Cauliflower soup

Mushroom and spinach crepe

Wishing tree

Our trip to Hobart was cut short by a day because flights by Tiger Airlines were cancelled and we had to buy another ticket from Qantas to return back to Melbourne. It was quite a waste because we didn’t have the time to visit Hasting Caves and the thermal springs which was about two and a half hours drive from our place of accommodation, and that we had already paid for the extra day’s accommodation.The trouble and money that Tiger Airlines has cost us. ☹

We had to plan our time very carefully so we can cover more places just before we have to rush to the airport to catch our flight. Salamanca Market, which only operates on Saturdays, managed to settle our breakfast and we bought a lot of food to nibble on. It’s really the best feeling to have a bowl of hot soup in a cold winter morning if you understand what I mean; and especially when I am such soup lover, we bought two bowls! ☺ The mashed potato which was covered in coleslaw and amazing sour cream, the mini pancakes were extremely fluffy and the savoury spinach and mushroom crepe was amazing too!

An hour and a half drive towards Tahune Airwalk for another forestry walk. The place was beautiful but it can get quite scary when we’re walking on the bridge which hangs in mid air. We almost got lost in the forest because we took a wrong turn and the road was extremely muddy. I hate how my shoes get in contact with mud since I was a little girl. ☹

Lunch at Burger Got Soul because Jon’s friend recommended us to try it out, which was good but somehow I can never eat huge burgers in a very tidy way. Tried out the glutton free bread, but apparently it really has difficulty trying to hold all the ingredients together. Definitely worth a try though!

My boyfriend really left me impressed during our road trip because he has a really amazing sense of direction. All he needed to do was to check out the map the day before, and he can go on a two hour drive without the map and not making a wrong turn at all. He took the wheels most of the time during the trip, alongside with Raymond taking over at times, while we girls take the backseat and rest during the drive. ☺

Tasmania’s such a beautiful place. The next time I head back there, I’d like to visit Launceston. ☺

Looking forward to my next yet-to-plan road trip!

10 thoughts on “{ H O B A R T ◆ T A S M A N I A } III

  1. your photos are making me hungry. they look so good! :) really love the photo of the fluffy clouds and sunlight. such a dream.

    • The food serving in Hobart was really generous, you don’t have to worry that you’ll go hungry! :p The clouds look really good to sleep in!

  2. Omilord, FOOD PICTURES. Strawberries, mini pancakes… Mmm. Amazing pictures, especially the last two! (Your fringe makes you look way younger, heehee!)

    • Thank you Vanessa! :) I thought my fringe makes me look damn disgusting. This has gotta be the worst bangs I’ve ever gotten for myself. Ever. :(

  3. Are you gonna post more photos up on your FB? I wanna see all the photos you take! If not, get Flickr or something :P Wanna admire your pretty photos (:

    • I guess I’m suppose to upload them but I’m feeling really lazy to! D: I took like a thousand pictures for the trip! And I usually thought that no one looks at the piccas so I stopped uploading piccas on FB. Hahaha.

  4. Just so you know, if you’re not gonna upload pics on fb, I’ll be stalking you on your blog for pretty pictures & awesome reads :P

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