{ H O B A R T ◆ T A S M A N I A } II

Cheese storage room

Baby wombat, who survived a roadkill while his mom died.

Tasmanian Devils





Woke up at 6am and set off to catch a ferry to Bruny Island. It was pretty cool because it was a ferry that housed vehicles (trucks and lorries included) on it to get across. I think we were a tad too early, and that was why most of the places that we wanted to visit were closed so we went around the island taking pictures and trying to catch some scenic views. It was really cold and foggy in the morning, but it was nice because it was like we were the only car on the roads and we could just stopover any time we wanted. ☺ Had breakfast at a cafe which was run by a middle aged caucasian couple, situated on top of a hill overlooking the sea and field. Bought salmon and cheese from both the salmon and cheese farm respectively, and Raymond tried out the oysters as well.

Because of the time constrain, we didn’t cover every thing on Bruny Island so we set of to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary where we got to see lots of the native animals. We were given a complimentary bag of kangaroo food for us to feed them. ☺ I personally taught that the kangaroos were really adorable except for the fact that it gets a little scary when too many of them starts to surround you. It’s nice to have such an experience though!

And if you haven’t notice, the entire road trip to Hobart was about exploring nature and running away from the city life. ☺ Mother nature is such an amazing thing I’d want to visit more of such places around the world.

P.S: I really can’t decide which pictures not to upload because I just want to share these beautiful sightings.

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  1. Omgggg, your pictures are really getting better and better, you captured really beautiful images! Welcome back homeeeee :D

    • Awww thank you Emily! It really means a lot to me. :D The pictures are beautiful only because the place is! :D We’ll meet soon, ya? xx

    • Thank you Raymond! Heehee. Can’t wait to see your wallpaper quality photos too!

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