{ H O B A R T ◆ T A S M A N I A } I

Road trip to Hobart, Tasmania. ☺

Russel Falls

Top of the falls

Horseshoe Falls

Lake Dobson

Scallop Pie


Ashlyn, Raymond, the boyfriend and I went on a four day road trip to Hobart, Tasmania which was so beautiful. On the first day, we didn’t do anything much since we arrived in the middle of the day other than visiting Mount Wellington. But the weather was quite bad and the pictures weren’t nice. ☹ Hence all the pictures above were taken on day two.

On the second day of our trip, we took on a two hour long drive to Mount Field. Along the way, we stopped by a cafe by the river in the suburbs called Possum Shed, which served surprisingly amazing good breakfast in generous portions. The drive towards the mountain was beautiful with scenic views, seeing herds of sheep/cow feeding on the massive grass fields almost everywhere. Went on forest walks, which was absolutely exhausting yet refreshing at the same time. At Mount Field, the sight of Russell and Horseshoe Falls was beautiful but I loved the view of Lake Dubson the most. It was situated on top of the mountain, and the stale water that reflected every thing from above was just magnificent. The winding road that got us up the mountain was rather scary that we didn’t want to drive up further to see more just before the dark falls. Imagine the winding driving path was only big enough for a vehicle to cross at a time. :S

We headed back to the city and settled for dinner for Mures Lower Deck, which the food was rather average in my opinion. Through the entire trip we ate a whole lot of seafood, and oysters for almost every single day for Raymond (since he was the only one that eats oysters among all of us).

The tranquility from this road trip is just exactly what I needed to get myself away from the hectic city life. ☺ But I can already feel the calories building up from me already. It’s time to watch my diet when I go back home. ☹

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  1. Friggin amazing pictures for all the posts Kellyn. Really admire how much you improved!

    • Awww thank you Faidhi! Maybe it’s because I post processed the pictures a little. But heehee, I’m smiling right now! :D xx

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