M E L B O U R N E trois


Lemon Tart

Crème brûlée

Sticky Date Pudding

x The boyfriend and I woke up early in the morning and took on an hour drive to Yarra Valley for Tandem Skydiving. Stopped over for McDonald’s takeaway in the middle of the drive. The skydiving experience was exhilarating, and I’d love to do it again.

x Drove back to Melbourne, and went shopping with Xing Ying while Jon went for classes. We were so hungry that we decided to settle for Nando’s before driving over to DFO though it was already 4pm. (and DFO closes at 6pm). The both of us got a little lost with just using Google Maps because it keep leading us to the toll road, which we had to pay AUD$13 or something. :/ Bought a vintage looking roxy belt since mine was wearing out at only AUD$5 and a bag for my brother.

x Korean cuisine at Darac for dinner. We wanted to dine here on Saturday but it was all fully booked, so we made an advanced reservation on a Monday night. The food was good, and I loved the soup. (Hardcore soup lover here as you’d have already known.)

x Went dessert hunting at 9pm, because almost everything in Melbourne would probably be closed by then. Settled at The Melbourne Supper Club and gosh I loved it! Despite looking as simple and boring as it may look, the lemon tart is very refreshing and everyone agreed that its the best dessert out of all that we ordered!

Felt like I have already gained a thousand pounds from all the eating. Complained to Jon how I wasn’t taking enough beautiful photos (because most of them were practically just food), and all he said was “Melbourne’s boring, so let’s just wait for Hobart.”

Damn right, I am so looking forward to flying over to Hobart! ♥

4 thoughts on “M E L B O U R N E trois

  1. glad you enjoyed skydiving as much as i did! :) and no, you don’t look like you gained any weight so dont be silly ok! miss you!!! :D

    • I am actually quite certain that I’ve gained some weight, but it’s the coats that are covering it all up (and of course I selectively uploaded pictures heehee). I will do an entry just on skydiving itself when I get hold of the pictures/video! :) xx

  2. I thought someone said she can’t be bothered to post process her pics…

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