Lights on the ceiling of the aircraft 


Hot Mocha

Chai Latte

Green Tea Ice-cream

Green Tea Panna Cotta

Green Tea Tiramisu

x Took Emirates Air for the first time, and my flight was delayed by an hour and half. ☹ Somehow my sleep during the flight wasn’t very comfortable, and the experience was very average. The only thing I’d probably remember deeply about would be the lights on the ceiling which was suppose to resemble stars, and they were very beautiful. Oh, and I suddenly remembered that when I woke up (in my half sleepy self) to see the sky full of stars when I peeped out of the window. It was a beautiful sight but I wasn’t in the clearest state of mind to appreciate that. ☹

x It was 14 degrees Celsius when I landed. The boyfriend came to the airport and picked me up. ☺ Chan and Raymond joined us thereafter, and we all had Japanese-Western cuisine for lunch as recommended by Raymond the food blogger. (Check out Raymond’s food blog here.) I loved my salmon sashimi salad rice, and I’d like to think that it is the tastiest dish amongst all that the guys ordered! And the wasabi was so freshly grinded that just a tiny little bit of it is good enough to chock up your nasal system! Kudos to the affordable yet delicious food they offer! ☺

x Went back to their humble abode to settle my stuff down, only to find the first present that I mailed over to Melbourne for Jon’s 17th birthday back in 2006. ☺

x Caught the Australian football match at their big stadium with Jon and Raymond, and the crowd was quite amazing. Their response to the sportsmen’s performance came in unison, through the entire stadium! Quite a good experience.

x Went to Seven Seeds for high tea, but apparently we were a tad too late and their kitchen already closed so all we could order was some drinks and cookies. Went to scout for a few more cafes/eatery, but they were closed. ☹ Probably have to the food hunt all over again on another day.

x Headed back home to play Monopoly Deal while waiting for time to pass so we can walk over to Guhng for korean BBQ for dinner. The beef was so good (coming from a non-beef lover) and the soup was superb I wished I had more!  ♨ Not forgetting that it was a very pleasant dining experience with the cosy ambience along with the friendly and helpful staff. ☺

First day in Melbourne, and I have been eating non-stop already. Seems like most of my trips involve searching for good food, but this time it involved a lot of walking my legs are already aching so much and I hope that helps to cut off some of the calories. A lot more food search coming our way, and loads of fun too! :D

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  1. glad to see you’re settled and having lots of fun! enjoy yourself babe. xoxo!

    • There’s nothing fun going on yet and it’s all just about eating! I can literally fill my fats spilling out of my body already. D: But thanks for being such a sweetie Evil Twin! ♥

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