Hydrophilic ⚓ Monday

The boyfriend and I made an effort to wake up early on a Monday morning to hit the pool for a swim – along with my cameras to have some fun. Played with my underwater camera for the first time, and I am very amazed at the picture quality considering it was inexpensive and is only 5 megapixels. Wished that I’ve got its battery checked so I’d have been able to snap away because it died at the sixth picture. ☹ The boy and I started to do our usual by the pool; fooling around and wrestling, seeing who can get more water up their mouth/nose. Just playing ourselves silly like little kids, as we always do. ♥

The last morning I’ve with the boy before he flies off to Melbourne on Thursday. And bam, we’re back into our dreaded long distance relationship. Three years, one more to go. Looking forward to seeing the boy again in about a week’s time. ✈

(P.S: I realized how both Jon and I looked like we were wearing helmets from our hair, but we were so happy it really doesn’t matter how ugly we looked. ☺)

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