Breakfast Parfait

Truffle fries

American Sliders

Mushroom Risotto

Red Snapper

It was feasting Sunday! Jon and I woke up early and took a long bus ride from my home to The Rail Mall for brunch with Amanda and the guys. Epicurious was rather disappointing and I was expecting much better breakfast to be served. To think I thought Wild Honey has probably found a competitor, it’s nothing as good as them. I liked the Breakfast Parfait despite it looking very unappetizing (as Amanda would put it) after giving it a good mix, otherwise it would be too sweet to be consumed.

The boyfriend and I went separate ways from them because we had some errands to run, but picked Amanda & Mingfa thereafter to have dinner together. Settled at House @ Barracks which I really enjoyed. Nice ambiance with good food; I really wished that I ordered a main for myself because I was attempting to save some space for Jon’s Grandma’s cooking when we head back to his place after that.

We spent so much on food it was insane, but my tummy was really satisfied with dinner. But the people, the talk. That’s what I enjoyed the most.


5 thoughts on “L♥VE ON SUNDAY

  1. Some good food shots there. Just don’t whack f1.8 all the time because you might end up only having a certain portionn of the food in focus. Try f2 and 2.8 too…

  2. Nice peektures there! I love the risotto at Barracks but the red snapper tasted weird. All the food pictures are making me hungry!

    • EMILY, Thank you Emily! :) The American sliders was really good, you should try it! Non-beef lovers like Amanda and I gave our thumbs up for it!

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