Weekend Getaway at PJ (III) ☀

The Monday which Monday Blues didn’t exist. Maybe the only reason it exist was because we had to hit back to reality the very next day.

Day 3 in PJ:

x Dim sum for breakfast at Jin Xuan Hong Kong Restaurant. Ordered a feast again and stuffed ourselves silly. I mean, what’s new? It’s difficult to avoid ordering so much when most of us enjoy having food so much. ♨

x Went over to Raymond’s place where we played Monopoly deal for half an hour, before the guys sent the boyfriend and I to the airport. Monopoly deal. Every. Single. Day. This has gotta be the greatest entertainment. For me at least. I can imagine playing this every day when I head over to Melbourne in August.

x Just like our flight to KL, sweetheart and I fell asleep throughout the entire flight back home. Very sleep deprived and exhausted. But so much fun the lack of sleep was really worth it.

Now that the getaway is over, it’s time for me to watch my diet and be guilt-ridden with all the excessive amount of calories I’ve taken into my body through the three days.

Just in about a week’s time, Jon and I are going to fall back into our never ending long distance relationship all over again. After having him by my side for the past six months, it’s definitely going to take me awhile to get used to not being able to meet him, or even call for that matter, at any time I wish to. We’ve already gone through 3 out of 5 years of our relationship being separated by the miles, so what’s another year?

My next motivation right now would be my next trip to Melbourne-Tasmania. Life’s good. ✌

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