Weekend Getaway at PJ (II) ☀

2/3 of our weekend getaway: Drained and exhausted from all the endless playing + food hunt. 

Day Two in PJ:

x The boyfriend, Raymond and I dragged ourselves out of bed at about 10am despite hitting the sack at about 4am the day before, and walked over to The Cineleisure to catch Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part II. Awesome movie, but the sleep deprived us me had to keep stuffing popcorns into my mouth to keep myself awake. ☹

x Chan drove joined us for lunch after our movie, where we settled for Taiwanese food nearby. Drove back to Chan’s place thereafter, where all of us hit the sack to rejuvenate ourselves/wasted half the day away by sleeping.

x Woke up in the evening, and we all joined Raymond’s family for a dinner at My Elephant for some Thai cuisine to celebrate Raymond’s birthday. We ordered a feast and stuffed ourselves silly.

x Headed over to Raymond’s place thereafter for some games, where more people joined us for some fun! In the midst, we all took a break and had a crab feast, which Raymond’s mom bought four crabs cooked in different style for all of us to eat. Oh gosh, Jon ate so much I couldn’t even elaborate further about it. While some of the rest left, we moved over into the karaoke room where some of them started singing while the rest of us continued playing Monopoly deal.

x Our night ended at around 4am, again. A very sleep deprived trip. ☹

x And of course: Happy 23rd Birthday, Raymond! ☺

Writing this entry at an unearthly hour like this is definitely a torture – my stomach can’t stop growling right now. ☹

7 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway at PJ (II) ☀

  1. omg the crabs look soooo good! where were they bought from in singapore? (= seeing all these asian food makes me miss sg cos i’m in melbourne now and we don’t get stuff like that. well we may but it costs an arm and a leg..

  2. CHARMAINE, Our friend’s Mom got it for us. We were in Malaysia for our weekend trip. :) xoxo


    • Hahaha, I believe that’s either my hand or Raymond’s on Natalie’s shoulder. Or so I believe. Heh heh.

  4. If its not mine and not Kellyn’s then who is it?? Haha…just realized shouldn’t say this when its actually my house. Anyway, nice pictures Kellyn. More to learn from you when you come to Melb.

    • RAYMOND, Hahaha Raymond, be careful when you’re going to the kitchen alone at night. :p And thank you for your compliments! I am sure you can take better pictures in time to come! Can’t wait to go trigger happy when I head over to Melbourne! xx

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