Weekend Getaway at PJ (I) ☀

The boyfriend and I went on a 3D2N getaway over the weekends to Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – filled with sinful food indulgence and loads of fun. ☺

Half of my beauty/skincare products/make up I bring when I go on a trip.

Day One in PJ

The boyfriend and I woke up early and took a cab down to the airport to catch our flight. Mac breakfast to fill our tummies before we set off. We were so sleep deprived we knocked out the moment we got into the plane, and only woke up when we landed.

Raymond and Chan came to the airport to pick both of us up. It was so nice seeing them after so long. Met up with two others at Vintry, where we had an awesome lunch at. The food was good, and I enjoyed my meal so much I left feeling really bloated and drowsy. Love the warm apple crumble over the brownie for desserts. The mixture of warm and cold textures in the mouth was heavenly.

Headed over to Chan’s place after lunch to wash up and prepare to head for Natalie’s 21st birthday party. Raymond, her extremely sweet brother, flew back from Melbourne without her sister knowing to surprise her for her birthday, made a 21st birthday video for her together with her friends, and gathered his close friends for her birthday party too. I think I’d die to have an older brother like Raymond who loves his sisters so much. Raymond’s parents booked the entire restaurant for their daughter’s 21st, and we hid in the VIP room a level above the restaurant for a few hours before appearing. The party was huge and entertaining – games, lucky draws with extremely awesome gifts (designer fragrances, getaway vacation to a private island, and hotel stays).

When the night was ending, the DJ they hired for the event came over and it converted the inside of the restaurant into a dance floor where people just drank and danced if they want to. The family brought out a surprise birthday cake for Raymond because it was his 23rd birthday. Monopoly deal, drinks, a little bit of dancing here and there. It was all fun.

First day of our weekend getaway: a very heartwarming, long and eventful day. It really warms my heart. ♥

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