Ippudo ✘ El Toro Bar & Bistro

Beautifully blurred

Had late birthday lunch with my dearest Soulmate at Ippudo Singapore, which served awesome soup base (can never emphasize enough on how much I love soups) though I had high expectations on the whole. But I couldn’t finish my share because there was a fly that landed on my spoon, and hoping that I’d blow it away, in landed inside my soup instead. I was this close to telling the staff that I found a fly in the soup and get a replacement bowl. ☹

Parted with the sister and met up with le boyfriend for Latin American cuisine at El Toro Bar & Bistro. Honestly, I was rather reluctant to have my birthday dinner at this place because I haven’t heard about it before, but I found myself leaving the place satisfied. I love the sauce that went with my cod fish, and the mashed potato found underneath. A pity that I couldn’t finish my share because I quickly felt bloated. I like how the boy never fails to know exactly what I’d order for my mains, every single time we visit a new restaurant. I may just be boring, but he knows exactly what kind of boring food gets me.

Seems like this day, in both my dining experience, taught me a lesson which I’ve already learnt before: No expectations brings happiness more than what expectations do at times.

But overall very simple birthday, but it felt complete. ♥

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