Cruising through the streets

Met up with Faidhi on Monday for a photography day together. He’s quite a street photographer, and I must admit I am shy when I try to do that because I fear that people will feel offended/awkward when I try to take pictures of them. And as much as I want to take more beautiful pictures, I guess I need to work on my creativity/skills and probably my courage first.

3 thoughts on “Cruising through the streets

  1. is that your friend’s leica? The camera is so pretty and so are the photos! (:

    And happy birthday Kellyn (:

  2. JEANETTE, Yupp that’s his Leica. It’s a analogue one though! Thanks babe for the wishes xx

  3. My camera thanks you for the compliment,Jeanette,Haha!

    Kellyn,some good pictures you got there…keep it up!

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